Protection Policy Update

There’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the protection policy for local churches, so I will try and answer some of the questions I have been getting.

Q: Can someone from the District come and teach a protection policy training at my church.

A: No. The protection policy training offered at the District and Conference level is for people intending to work District and Conference events. That policy is not structured to cover the local church, nor does it meet the needs, ratios and insurance requirements for the local church.

Q: Can I use the Conference policy for my church?

A: No. Each church needs to have their own policy written. Local churches have different coverage items required, such as if there is a playground on site, a water feature, a registered sex offender, etc.

However, there is a basic template on our district website that you can use as the basis for your church’s plan. Adapt it and change to fit what your insurance company dictates and what specifics your church may have. Have it approved by your insurance company before your church implements it.

Q: Can district people teach the class even if we don’t want certification for district and conference events?

A: No. There are 88 churches within the district and each local church protection policy differs…district people are not trained on your local church’s policy, therefore not equipped to teach it. The district folks cannot assume liability for teaching on the local policy.


What I can offer at the district level, is to review your protection policy and offer suggestions on the “Best Practices” you should cover in your own training. Local church people will conduct the training, but based on recommendations I suggest after reviewing your policy.

If you want this service, email me a copy of your protection policy to I will need a copy of your policy at least 10 (TEN) days before your training event.

The Conference is working to create a local church protection policy training, but that is still several months away. It most likely won’t be ready until the beginning of 2019 to offer to churches.